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Philstyn has a complete line of Audio/Visual equipment, supplies, rental inventory, and user friendly touch control systems for the Media specialist and the sophisticated in-home media user.

* Visual - Multi-Media programmers, slides, overheads, CD-ROM, computer projectors, and LCD/DLP displays (front and rear), large HDTV, computer and video monitors, video cameras. Projection lenses (front, rear, perspective control). portable presentation systems.

* Audio - Multi-Track analog/digital recorders, slide-sync, mixers, microphones, speakers, amplifiers, UHF/VHF wireless microphones, acoustic foam.

* Stagings and rental - Complete rental inventory of audio, video, lighting equipment and personnel for in-house or remote setups, meetings, seminars, conventions, etc.

* Computers - Hard-disk CD players, Laptop and Server Computers, networks, MM CD/DVD systems with digital audio, monitors, graphics switchers and software. UPS's.

* Supplies - Projection, theatrical and stage lamps. Equipment racks, equipment carts, wood and metal computer furniture, blank tape stock. Overhead supplies, easel pads/pens.

* Design services - Equipment evaluation and reports. Theatrical sound and lighting. Executive, conference and training rooms, public relations displays, convention exhibits, special effects, automated systems. Bid documentation. CAD drawings of signal flow, equipment racks, electrical, elevations and interior.

* Evaluation - Intercoms, paging systems, theaters, sound systems, existing facilities, projection and media systems.

* Repair services - Facilities, service contracts, existing facilities, retrofitting. Equipment, projection and control systems with extensive equipment, mechanical and electronic specifications. Transparent control modifications for equipment.

Philstyn has over 30 years of A/V design and media presentation experience. We can assist you in visualizing your communications goals with scale drawings using our in-house CAD systems. This same high level of service also applies to your in-house or off-site meetings and conventions. We can save you planning time because we have most Hotel and convention meeting facilities already in our CAD system. 3D drawings can be produced showing the exact locations of the audience, presenters, projection screens, tables and chairs, drapes and A/V equipment.